1. How can I register?

Online registration is required in order to submit the proposals. It can be done via the link provided at the Submit Proposal by filling the required fields. Some of them are mandatory.

2. How do I upload my proposals?

Once logged in, you are, in principle, ready to submit a proposal. Ensure that you have all the details (type of experiment, microscope parameters, etc) before you start. Fill in all the scientific details regarding the project and submit.

3. What if I forgot my password?

You may use the 'Forgot password' utility provided on the login page. It is an automatic password recovery utility. To get the correct information, you need to submit your email-id provided at the time of registration to which the details will be sent.

4. How can I know the status of my proposal?

Once submitted, the applications will be sent to reviewers for evaluation. Depending upon the reviewer comments, a proposal could be accepted and time allocated. Information of this decision would be sent to the e-mail address that was used to submit the proposal.

5. What is the preparation needed once my proposal is approved?

You will get an email explaing the next steps. If the grids are already made at home institute then they can be transported in a dry shipper before the day of data collection. However, we note that domestic transport of dry shipper by air is not possible (as far as we are aware) and these need to be brought by road transport or train. If the grids need to be made at the facility then the protein has to be shipped before hand or brought along with the researcher.